Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lamb Riblets - Rendezvous, Wednesday, April 7th

While I was reviewing photos for this blog post, many memories/details of Rendezvous' Ribs flooded back to me. But the lamb riblet recall was different. Sing with me along to Jingle Bells - "Lamb riblets! Lamb riblets! Lamb riblets all the way!" Disgustingly awesome. If you've had lamb, you know the luxuriousness of lamb fat. These riblets were too good, too rich, despite the BBQ overkill Steve and I had experienced! No sauce needed, only dry rub. I love it when my food glistens!


Anonymous said...

Glistening ribs, ah, that creates quite a picture, comrade!
Makes a person want to plan a road trip just to document the differences between the sheep and the pigs...or, open a restaurant called, wait for it...Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

Cuz, You think we can get some of those lamb niblets flown down to Florida? I keep looking at them and getting hungrier and hungrier. Tom Jenkins tomorrow...see ya there.Michael Matluck