Monday, April 6, 2009

This Might Be Better Than an Essay!

Such hyperbolic thought is strange territory for someone like me into which to venture. Alas, 17th Street BBQ in O'Fallon (strangely pronounced OAF - ah- lon - no, not really) also was not as sweet as the apple my mind had plucked from my months, years, of information gathering. Again, overcooked. We will try the original location for this world champion, three times over, of barbecue in Murphysboro, Illinois, for Monday's lunch. I really hope it lives up to what should be the world-class acclaim lavished upon Mike Mills, author of "Peace, Love, and Barbecue," my favorite cookbook/BBQ thesis. I will also purchase additional sauce and some dry rub, along with a t-shirt and a cap. Then it is on to Memphis, two nights in Memphis!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the ribs weren't as good as expected... they look fantastic.

Guess you'll just have to come over some time and taste mine!

----Officer Higgles

Little Franny Sunshine said...

Better than an essay? Never did I think such blasphemous words would emerge from your barbeque sauce-covered mouth!I am prepared to hold these words against you; I didn't say them, you did. Remember that.

Little Franny Sunshine said...
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Lawrencium said...

A BBQ sandwich better than an essay??? What has the world come to when Mark "there shall be no mention of crap, but poop, pups, and poo poo are fine" Matluck holds a slab of ribs drenched in BBQ sauce in higher regard than a super, fun, TRIC, Friday essay? I doubt that this could ever be possible; however, if it is, then this sandwich is beyond words. Mm...good. ;-P

Have a nice vacay! ~Jas