Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Pork Ribs Arrive

Redezvous' ribs are charcoal broiled, different than smoking the meat. Just as important, Redezvous does not use BBQ sauce on their ribs. These are Memphis-style dry ribs! The dry rub sprinkled generously over the ribs after cooking (and before, too) is magical. Unlike previous dry rubs, there is not a hint of saltiness. I bought four bottles of this dry rub. Do I dare to use the exalteed adjective spectacular? Yes, I will. One just cannot put these ribs down. Steve and I were heaviily weighed down by just the thought of eating more ribs tonight. We know we did not make a mistake, which is a choice of a word entirely the opposite of this experience. Wow. Oh yeah, there were two side dishes, but I cannot remember what they were.

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