Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cowboy Neal

Cowboy Neal performed at the King's Palace Cafe on Beale Street on Wednesday afternoon. I actually met him because I happened to choose a seat beneath the canopy, where his partner was sitting. I struck up conversation with both of them, and it continued throughout the afternoon. Ii had spent an hour beforehand at Memphis Music, a blues music store on Beale Street, and had purchased a few CD's. When I requested "The Thrill is Gone," by BB King, Cowboy Neal launched into a moving performance of this blues classic. If I had wanted to experience Beale Street and the Memphis music scene, this must have been it. I have an autographed 8x11 photo from Cowboy Neal, too. I wish him well. He made quite an impression upon me.

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Little Franny Sunshine said...

No, really! Andrew Zimmern DOES own that shirt. Next time his show is on Travel Channel, watch the opening sequence when all that "Bizzare Food" is spinning around him, and he goes to pick up a bug.