Sunday, April 12, 2009

If I Wore This Would It Be a Distraction in the Classroom?


Little Franny Sunshine said...

I think that I have just died laughing. Look at the sequins!

Little Franny Sunshine said...

How to Make Your Own Elvis Costume in Six Easy Steps:

1) Travel back in time to the wardrobe room on the set of the James Bond film "Goldmember".

2) Steal approximately 15 cans of gold paint.

3) Return to the present.

4) Spray paint a white suit with the gold paint.

5) "Bead-dazzle" said suit to your heart's content.

6) Enjoy!

Brandy Ullmann said...

wow.. Mr.MAtluck, it looks like something aerosmith would wear or mabye elvis i don't know. don't wear it to school PLEASE!