Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alcenias' - Last Stop Before Flying Home

Alcenias' is a southern food restaurant, which I found via With BBQ now the devil, I opted for some fried catfish with black-eyed peas and Alcernias' corn. The catfish was very, very nice - flaky and moist with a crunchy exterior. The black-eyed peas was the best dish in this meat and vegetable offering. I would have a bite of the catfish, sometimes with hot sauce, maybe shovel in some of the excellent creamed corn, but I always came back to the black-eyed peas - ethereal. Alcenias', a quiant, eccentric, yet personal eatery, knows how to dish every layer of the meal, all the while with unique decor. The custard pie was heaven-sent. An excellent end to my mid-west venture.
We did have technical trouble connecting to the Internet and uploading large photo files while in Memphis, but I hope I caught up in time. Thanks to all who followed. Thanks to G-d for swine and hickory. Thanks.


Little Franny Sunshine said...

Custard pie, the one thing perhaps BETTER than bread pudding. As you can see, I am very desert-based. :)

Little Franny Sunshine said...

Oh. Wait. Scratch that...I forgot sweet potato pie. It is a southern classic that must NEVER be passed up. That would be sacrelige.

Comrade Matluck said...

I wanted to order the sweet potato pie at Al \cenias', but they only had custard and lemon pie. I should have chosen both. We only have one life to live, so what would someone be waiting for? Order both pies must be the lesson!

Mr. Matluck

Little Franny Sunshine said...

True words spoken by a true culinary connoisseur(Indeed, a former AMS word of the week!).

Aww...I just noticed a previous spelling error of mine. Yes, I do enjoy long walks in the sweltering heat and endless hours befriending coyotes and searching for mirages: I am VERY "desert-based". Haha. Just poking a little fun at myself.