Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kansas City to Memphis, Riding on BBQ

The venerable Steven Epstein, Esq., (pictured left) and the youthful Mark Matluck (pictured right), will embark upon a challenge the second week of April, a challenge known to many, a challenge that might lead them to food Nirvana or to a pharmacy for lipitor, a challenge that will be an intense indulgence of the culinary art of BBQ in the midwest states of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee starting Saturday, April 4, 2009, and ending, Thursday, April 8, 2009. Extensive and, at times, maniacal research has yielded us twain a smorgasboorg (sp? yet interesting word choice) of potential BBQ hot spots throughout the midwest region of the United States. "BBQ three times a day" appears to be a short-lived rallying cry for this pursuit of some of the seven deadly sins, but I am confident one motto or another will stick like BBQ sauce, literally and figuratively, to the spirit of this endeavour. Expect photos of pork and its glistening fat. Expect images of varying sauces, puppies, platters, and surprises. This roadtrip will also include an exploration of the best fried chicken the US has to offer, not to mention many sites worth savoring, including Graceland, that we will capture via digital photography. I am unable to satisfactorily answer inquiries about Mr. Epstein's ability to consume BBQ with only a few teeth. Stay tuned to the blog to satisfy your curiosity!

To my students: Thanks for checking in with me. I cannot help but analyze anything I do through the lense of benefitting all of you! If you can respond to this blog, then I cannot wait to hear (or read) from all of you. Otherwise, have a happy spring break and leave me alone. Oh, and a bottle of world-class bbq sauce to anyone who posts!
Join me on a fun adventure and do not dispute the accuracy of these photos! If anything else, my reputation rests upon my honesty.


Arthur said...

Steve looks great. Those botox injections really do the trick. Mark, the mustache is a fantastic improvement. You look more like me every day. The trip sounds fascinating and this certainly is a two bottle post.

Little Franny Sunshine said...

Avast! You embark upon your journey with such admirable enthusiasm. Mr. Matluck, you will undoubtedly return in a food coma.


Dustina said...

Mr.Matluck! Your adventures sure do sound awesome, I might go visit you next week at Anderson after exams so, expect the unexpected!