Saturday, April 4, 2009

It’s a Small World After All

Apparently a spring break roadtrip is not complete without an Anderson encounter. Guess who also happened to be flying to Kansas City? Mr. Lowe! Here is a photo, taken by Mrs. Lowe, of Mr. Lowe and me riding the tram from terminal E to terminal B to catch our connecting flights to KC. I am wearing my Katz’s Deli t-shirt, purchased from pastrami capital of the world in NYC. True foodies like to show-off, I mean advertise, their culinary conquests.

Next, when Steve eventually makes it to the KC airport to pick me up (he is one hour away on I-70 as I type this), we will head to Arthur Bryant’s, a BBQ Mecca, for some burnt ends. What are burnt ends, the BBQ ignorant ask? The burnt pieces of a brisket smothered with sauce. More later.

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