Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

Wow. This is the second best fried chicken I have been blessed to have eaten (Willie Mae's in NOLA is the best). Spicy and crispy. Crunchy and juicy. For me, one of the gastronomical highlights of this journey. I miss this about living in Boston - on the Treasure Coast there is no such thing as the neighborhood eatery, at least not world class. The East Coast Grill in Cambridge was abour a one mile walk and worth it every time. I wish Gus' was in my neighborhood because I would save a heckuva lot of money on roadtrips. Anyway, if you think KFC is good, then you need to get yourself some decent fried chicken. Also, if your mother made the world's best fried chicken, then join the club.

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Brandy Ullmann said...

Man, I luv bbq and pork so much, butthat meal looks the best stuff ever made to this world! Now im hungry Mr.mattluck haha hehe