Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fried Boudin Balls

Boudin is better sourced in Cajun Country, but we just couldn't make it work.  Cochon Butcher, next door to Cochon proper,  offers excellence,  too. I forgot to get some head cheese for Ms. Betty.  She shall forgive me.

Cochon -more Yumminess

The food at Cochon is impeccable: inspired locally; locally sourced; extra tasty.  Here is the charcuterie  plate: cappicola, the dark red meat in the upper left hand corner; slices of cured pork loin; head cheese; pork rillette (a fine mixture of pork and fat); pickles; mini toasts for the pork rillette; sliced cured pork belly. 

Fried Alligator Tail

With a chili aioli (Cajun mayo) sauce.  Now I know why it was touted on many websites.   Chewier than chicken,  nice breading,  nice taste.  Cochon never disappoints.

Chateau LeMoyne

Here's a photo of our hotel.  Chateau LeMoyne is part of Holiday Inn Express.  Our room was great,  but the location was perfect.   Steve and I were within walking distance of everything; we walked to restaurants like Cochon no problem.

Killer PoBoys

Saturday night Steve and I needed a late night snack.  Thank you Killer PoBoys!  We split the pork belly and shrimp offerings.   Holy cow!  Where am I?  This is so good. Pork belly is the cut from a pig used to make bacon.  Yes, Sir, I would like another!

Crossing Lake Pontchartrain

When traveling to New Orleans from the East, one must cross Lake Pontchartrain,  an enormous body of water spanned by an incredibly lengthy bridge.  Wouldn't want to get stuck here during a hurricane evacuation.

Harry Pooter Hot Sauce

That's no typo!  We came across a store with a hot sauce tasting "bar."  The Harry Pooter was way hot!  I know better, from experience,  to mess with the "death" hot sauces in the second photo.

Public Art in the French Quarter


"Historic" in the French Quarter

There are many establishments throughout the French Quarter that are designated as or self - describe as "historic."  Here historic means crappy, as in old, rundown, small, decaying, and overhyped.   For example, the Old Absinthe House was indistinguishable from a multitude of non-historic bars.  I could agree, using this standard,  that the bar which invented the "Hand grenade, " a powerful alcoholic drink served in a cheap plastic container that countless people walk around with in the streets,  is historic. Considering this drink's potency, it probably contributes considerably to the historic number of vomit piles littering nearly every block of the French Quarter,  especially near Bourbon Street.   I guess a nice way to describe the French Quarter is to say it is a "historic" amusement park for drunks.  That's why I go there for the food.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Restaurant R'Evolution

Match the dish to an item on the menu photo.  Please leave your answer in the comment section.  Thank you.  From Monday night.

Chilling at Commander's Palace

Sunday morning.

Toothpicking at The Shed

My apologies.

From City Park's Sculpture Garden

Some cool public artwork in a city park that is easy to access via the trolley.

Ignatius J Reilly Statue

A statue of the bizarre lead character of "A Confederacy of Dunces."  Easily one of the funniest books I've ever read.   Only four blocks from our awesomely located hotel, Chateau LeMoyne.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh, I had the Bread Pudding, too

When Steve and I arrived Monday at noon,  twenty people were already in line.  Quid pro quo for too long of a wait the night before for mediocre food, the host asked for parties of two which resulted in us immediately being seated.  Everything here is great, including my newest T-shirt.

More Photos from Willie Mae's

Heavenly red beans and rice, along with more gratuitous photis of fried chicken.  Did I say it was incredible?

Drago's Chargrilled Oysters

They tasted better than they sound.  Bread crumbs and paramesan cheese melted over oysters bubbling in their natural brine.  This was a trip for oysters!

My Souvenir

I now officially possess not one personal seal, but two!  Seal as press into a spot of melted wax and leave an imprinted figure behind.   Will most definitely be used in class.

Treats to Possibly Share at School

Leah's confectionary store has been in business since 1917, and for good reason.  Here are photos of traditional pralines (sugar and pecan candy) and bacon pecan brittle.

Tanker on the Mississippi River

It is not a question of if it will spill oil, but when.