Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Historic" in the French Quarter

There are many establishments throughout the French Quarter that are designated as or self - describe as "historic."  Here historic means crappy, as in old, rundown, small, decaying, and overhyped.   For example, the Old Absinthe House was indistinguishable from a multitude of non-historic bars.  I could agree, using this standard,  that the bar which invented the "Hand grenade, " a powerful alcoholic drink served in a cheap plastic container that countless people walk around with in the streets,  is historic. Considering this drink's potency, it probably contributes considerably to the historic number of vomit piles littering nearly every block of the French Quarter,  especially near Bourbon Street.   I guess a nice way to describe the French Quarter is to say it is a "historic" amusement park for drunks.  That's why I go there for the food.

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