Sunday, March 30, 2008

Columbia to Spartanburg - Sunday Ends

The drive on I-26 from Columbia to Spartanburg, SC, was beautiful. While the roads we traveled from Georgia to Columbia, SC, traversed many swamps, I-26 slowly became a growing series of waves, waves of land moving in the slowest of motions, growing steeper and higher, undulating as we approached the Great Smokey Mountains, leaving sea-level behind and climbing higher and higher in elevation. We were the slowest car on the road, enjoying the great views of upstate South Carolina, and ascending and descending growing hills like a ship rolling upon the open ocean. Perhaps like the Yorktown in the Pacific. We did not take any photos then, but I believe you can imagine how it looked.

I find myself bonding with my car. He is finally getting to stretch his legs, to rev his engines again, after long servitude as a mere transporter of a lone commuter. 163,000 miles and the ride is still sweet. Purrs like a kitten. 1996 Toyota Avalon.

We finally arrived in Spartanburg and learned that one cannot buy alcohol in the state of South Carolina on a Sunday. But we did view a lot of downtown Spartanburg as we prowled half of its streets in search of this beverage. It appears that just about everything comes a stop on Sunday here. Just like we did. Tomorrow it is Asheville, NC, and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

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