Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Long Day

We ate at Hyman's Seafood, a pretty good restaurant in the Historic District. Actually, I found it touristy and over-rated. Everything tasted salty. But who am I to complain? I forgot to replace the batteries in my camera and now lack the photographic record I desired. I had my first taste of she-crab soup, which was sweet but crabby. The alligator meat sausage sounded better than it tasted. But we quizzed our taxi drivers and believe we can't miss with our Sunday Brunch in Charleston. Either Jestine's or the Hominiy Grill (although part of me slightly suspects more tourist trapism).

BTW, would you believe that Matthew Broderick, Samuel Jackson, Pat Conroy (who the heck is Pat Conroy?), Itzhak Perlman and the NY Knicks all ate at the very same table as Steve and I did? I hear Perlman's favorite is the bacon-wrapped shrimp. Seriously, there were name plates bolted to the tables. Best of all, you were directed to exit the restaurant so as to pass through the "General Store," typical, cheap tourist ploy. To be fair, Steve said the tuna was good.

On Sunday, I believe we will check out the Yorktown Naval Museum. After brunch and the museum it appears we will head to the area of Columbia, SC, to sample more BBQ/Southern Food while on our way to the Great Smokey Mountains.

The photo was taken as we drove across the bridge in St. Simon's Sound, a euphoric moment as our decision to abandon I-95 for a county/state road, Route 17, began to bear fruit, err, BBQ. The upclose views of the low country were awesome. Until tomorrow . . .

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