Friday, March 28, 2008

And They're Off!

Steve is already at the aiport. I am leaving my home in Port St. Lucie at 8:30AM. The odometer reads 163,191, and my waist size is 34. It is 246 miles to the Jacksonville International Airport where I will pick up Steve around 1:00PM. From JAX, it is 52 miles to the Georgia Pig, our first swing on the vines in the BBQ jungle. Then it is about 3 hours to Charleston, SC, so I anticipate our check-in time to be about 6:00PM, at the Courtyard by Marriot Charleston (river view!). I hope to produce then the first real blog post about the actual roadtrip, which would be about the GA Pig and maybe some falsely interesting observations by a mind handcuffed to a steering wheel for far too many hours. I wish I could have the song "Low Rider" playing as my fans soak in my words. Yes, I want to ensnare you in a web of positivity! (Inside teacher joke from Friday's workshop) Man, I am really enjoying this and cannot believe how much more fun we will have throughout the next week! Thanks for joining us.

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