Saturday, March 29, 2008

As Usual, People Made It Difficult for Us to Join Them

After a harrowing ride on I-95, after feasting at the Georgia Pig (photo below), we discovered Route 17 and St. Simon's Sound. (5 tickets to whomever first identifies this rhetorical device) This is what a road trip is supposed to be. We took an alternate route that showcased the region as it truly is. No time for details know - we gotta eat! We're off to Hyman's Seafood. Hopefully more details late tonight (ha!) or Sunday morning.

Steve writes: Indeed the ride was fitful. My photo simply does not reveal my true age. I never saw so many motor vehicles. In my day, if you ahd buggy for your horse, you wre lucky. I was so out of my element, my teeth grew back, and poor Mr. Matluck lost his hair!

Now we off to some "grown up" adventures, I hope young dashing (now bald) Mr. Matluck brought his photo I.D.

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