Thursday, March 27, 2008

Authenticity of Photos Answered!

I have received one comment and some email messages regarding the authenticity of the photos presented in this blog's initial post. A request was made for before and after photos not only of me, but also of my great friend and traveling bud, Steve.

The first photo is a "before" of Steve. While I was unable to obtain any accurate mug shots, I believe the first photo will do as an example of Steve during his more youthful days (see photo from first post).

The second photo is of me, Mark Matluck (!)
(;-p). While I no longer proudly sport a healthy mane, keeping what remains well maintained ("manetained"?), this photo should in no way be perceived as deceitful. Some of you may not recognize me without a tie, but the resemblance is undeniable.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone that I have invited several students to follow and comment upon this blog. And then there is the fact that I have also done this with many colleagues, co-workers, and, worst of all, supervisors. Please be sure that your comments are appropriate. Thanks.


Little Franny Sunshine said...

Good. This picture is much more accurate. If I stand far back, squint my eyes, and tilt my head to the side, I can see the likeness.

Francesca J.

Little Franny Sunshine said...

I have posted poems and songs that refuse to share at writer's club on my blog. Check them out.