Sunday, March 30, 2008

From Charleston to Columbia

Holly Hill, a town we passed though as we drove along SR 76, was a stark reminder of the effect the overseas-movement of manufacturing. Half of the downtown stores were vacant. Abandoned homes littered the roadways. Then we crossed the railroad tracks. On the other side, the right side of tracks, large mansions with manicured landscaping suddenly popped up.

The scenery in the rural areas was beautiful. Old fashioned farmhouses intermixed with green fields (of what we believed was rice) and lots of forests and swamps.

Our BBQ destination was Big T’s BBQ. It was tough to find, but find it we did, closed for Sunday. So we turned to Plan B. We continued driving towards Columbia, finally finding SR 76, when, lo and behold, Maurice’s BBQ appeared before our eyes! Plan B had been achieved thanks to the friendly ladies we met in the Hominy Grill. Now that is a road trip!

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