Monday, March 28, 2011

So What's a Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza?

Let's start with the crust. Deep Dish crust uses butter or lard and resembles a pie crust more than a thin crust pizza and its pita-like crispness. Deep Dish crust is a little more flaky and dense. Next, home-made sausage (uncooked) is spread across the dough/crust. A copious layer of mozzarella cheese is then added. Finally, the top of the pie is coated with tomato sauce. This heavy-weight sucker then spends up to an hour in the oven (depending upon the serving size of the pie). If you enlarge the following photo you can see the individual layers in the cut pieces. Also, this pizza catches up with you quickly. Steve and I were bothed prepared to assault our second slice with abandon when a sudden sensation of fullness swept over us. Nonetheless, the delicious allure of this perfectly balanced pizza found both of us effortlessly consuming this second slice. The stretched buttons on our coats aside, I will nominate this particular pizza for the category of ultimate comfort food. With two more days in Chicago, maybe we will take this experience on a taste-testing quest.

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