Sunday, April 4, 2010

Taylor Cafe, Taylor, TX

The Taylor Cafe, run by Vencil Mares, has been in operation since 1948. Imagine that! 62 years of continually service by this legend of the BBQ world! This being our fourth BBQ stop on Saturday, we ordered lightly, only getting a little bit of brisket and one turkey sausage. They were both outstanding. The brisket was just as excellent as Louis Mueller, but in a different way. Mares' brisket, at least our cut, was leaner and chewier (in the best sense), but the flavor was spot on. I was also able to meet Vencil Mares. He graciously signed my "Peace, Love, Barbecue" book, which is something of a BBQ Bible, and I am turning my copy into a collector's item with all of the autographs I have obtained over the years.

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