Monday, April 5, 2010

I Have Been to the Mountaintop!

I have traveled tousands of miles. I have done countless hours of research. I have scoured the internet, cable television, and cookbooks. I have found it. BBQ will never be the same to me again. Smitty's is where napkins hope to come and die at the greased-soaked hands of those who are experiencing BBQ bliss. The brisket was without peer. The sausage the best of our Texas roadtript. And the pork ribs, which I did not plan to order until an angel disguised as a patron suggested I try some ribs because they were the best he ever had, the pork were absolutely the best ribs I have ever eaten. EVER! The ends were so carmelized that I thought it was candy. The fat and tender meat were unctuous, succulent, heavenly - I could go on and on. See the photos and envy me.


J. Lawrence said...

Mmmm...These ribs do look quite delicious. I can't begin to understand how you can stomach all this greasy goodness day after day. Now if this were a hot dog tour, I'd be all over it. :-) Continue having fun and feeding your face on this interesting journey.

danielrojas said...

Did you save any for second period Mr.Matluck?

Anonymous said...

Being the Teller to Penn, the Martin to Lewis, the Murtough to Riggs, etc., I'd like to thank Mr. Matluck for another great BBQ road trip, the best brisket I have ever had (apologies to my mom) and a few extra pounds.
My only complaint?
Gotta figure out the Garmin.

Peace, Love, Barbecue!

Comrade Matluck said...

Thanks, steve. None of this would have happened if you were not there to help me make it happen, Garmin be damned. We ascended the moutain, man, we ascended the mountain.

Mark (who is not yet done with posts about this great roadtrip.)

Comrade Matluck said...

Hi Dan!

Thank you for enthusiastically following and commenting upon my blog. Unfortunately for you, no, I did not save a single bite for your class, nor any class, nor any friends, nor any family. It eill only be mine! Hands off! Keep away! Do not dare to take "my precious!"

Mr. Matluck

Anonymous said...

I do envy you and all of that delicious BBQ. Chips and coffee for breakfast is definitely an acquired taste. I might warm to the idea of the breakfast combo though because I am such a huge fan of chips and coffee separately.
I did not realize you were visiting "The Alamo". Wow! I am now truly envious. You will have to share the pictures with our classes when we study it.

Michelle Ginn :-)

Spanish ¡Buen provecho
French Bon Appétit
Danish Velbekomme
Dutch Smakelijk eten
German Guten appetit
Hebrew Bete'avon
Hungarian Jó étvágyat
Italian Buon appetito
Japanese Itadakimas
Greek Kale orexe
Swedish Smaklig måltid

ButtWideShut said...

Mr. Matluck - I don't understand how you can sit across from your companion, Mr. Steven Epstein, and get any food down your throat. Have your senses of sight and smell abandoned you? Very truly yours, J. Purdy, Ed.D.

Anonymous said...

Please take notice that Buttwideshut, PhD, is vegan & as such, cannot be trusted

Comrade Matluck said...

Who are you, "Buttwideshut"? Being addressed as Mr. Matluck makes me think you are a student, as well as the anonymous comment thast follows. Reveal yourself. There is nothing to fear. Thanks for participating,

Mr. Matluck

Anonymous said...

shamefully, i do not like barbecue. even though i do like burgers and hot dogs, that is making me VERY hungry...yummmm :p