Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tom Jenkins' BBQ - Ft. Lauderdale

A good test to determine if a BBQ joint is sufficiently apt at the craft is to ask if you would drive past the century mark to partake of its smoked treasures. (Translation: Would you drive 100 miles to eat this BBQ?) Today I travelled that 100 miles, meeting my good friend and colleague, Jodi, to see if Tom Jenkins' BBQ would pass this test. Old smokers sitting in the parking lot behind the restaurant - good sign.

Giant cords of wood next to the smokers, with the aroma of wood smoke in the air - another good sign. ("Peace, Love and Barbeque" is the BBQ'ers Bible.)

A well-maintained smoke pit for all to view when ordering - a third good sign! Enough of this photographic tease. Let's see some 'que!

My order of 1/2 rack of pork spareribs with baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and a corn muffin:

Jodi's order of 1/2 rack of baby back ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, and corn muffin:

The pork spare ribs were awesome. Tons of meat, nice char and smoke ring, and succulent pink pork greeted every bite of every rib, whether sauced or not (Tom Jenkins' sells its sauce in bottles. No T-shirts or baseball hats advertising Tom Jenkins' were displayed.). I chose spare ribs, instead of baby back ribs, because the spare rib cut is a meatier cut, and I was not disappointed. Jodi and I exchanged some ribs, and I can confidently state that the baby back ribs were the equal of the spareribs in the taste departement. We were there for the ribs, and we were not disappointed!

Proof of actual eating!

Did Tom Jenkins' BBQ pass the golden toothpick test? Double yes!

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Anonymous said...

I was full for two days after chowing down on the ribs! Of course the minute I got home I sliced off a piece of sweet potatoe pie (oh my!) and fell in love with Tom Jenkins all over again. Thanks for letting me partake in the fun, Mark!