Friday, December 26, 2008

Pearl Country Store and Barbecue

We stopped for our first meal in Micanopy, FL. Don't ask me how to pronounce it. The Pearl Country Store and Barbecue served up our smoked goodies. My Father had the chopped pork with macaroni n' cheese and coleslaw as sides, while I had a 1/4 pound of smoked ribs. The BBQ sauce was served on the side, contained in a well-used squeeze bottle (I'll spare y'all the photo). Basically the joint is part of a grocery store/gas station with several tables and a counter near the back.

This was some excellent pork! My first bite was of a crisped end of a rib, which was a little tough. So I was extremely pleased to feel the second bite completely melt in my mouth! Delicious without the sauce; even better with it (sweet, but with body). The mac n' cheese was very good, too.

My Father was surprised at the amount of meat this 1/4 pound order contained. It had all the crispy, little burnt ends, tasting like spareribs off the bone. Rest assured, no meat went unmasticated and is currently being digested. Yet two more golden toothpicks!

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