Friday, December 19, 2008

Epic Undertakings Are My Responsibility

Arising from the ashes, again my blog belches! As this creature raises its head, particularly mouth and brain, it shall gurgitate and then regurgitate the culinary collection awaiting it throughout Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana (appetizing thought, I know!). And my cameras will do so as well. They shall gurgitate and regurgitate the images of the delights awaiting my stomach, my mind, my tongue, pre-mastication, of course. Tomorrow, Saturday, December 20, 2008, the prequel to the latest Mr. Matluck Super Amazing Road Trip Adventure shall initiate this "whenever-I-can-do-it rite": The official warm-up to my next foodie road trip! A friend and I will make the 90 minute drive to Fort Lauderdale to partake in the smoky glory of Tom Jenkins' Barbeque! Photos and feedback (ha! pun! I'm too good!) will follow.

Bet you wish you were there, like me!

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