Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chitlins Poll

I hoped to experience some unusual meals on this quest, but I am beginning to doubt my goal of eating chitlins for the first time. Now is a time that my fans and followers can aid me. What are your thoughts on a little indulgence in chitlins? Perhaps knowing what the heck chitlins really are would help your judgment? "Chitlins are the intestines of a hog, most often served in a stew, though they can be barbecued, too." And you think that cleaning your room sucks! Now imagine as a culinary entrepreneur that you procure and clean your own chitlins. If you did not sell enough chitlins dishes in your place you will need to consume the remaining chitlins because your business cannot suffer a complete loss on the time you invested cleaning hog intestines by hand, with a hose, probably in your own backyard, with neighbors yelling about the smell, your wife strategically sleeping as far away from as possible on your mattress. I do not anticipate a resurgence in the chitlins market and wonder how much longer our current chitlins procurers will continue this "tradition."

Country Cuisine in Lafayette, LA, is on our list of possible destinations. And what do you think that it serves:

Mark Matluck


Joyce said...

Wow, looks like you and your dad had a wonderful time. How did the BBQ sauces compare to TJ's favorite Fat Matts? (which I need to order some) Jodi looks like she enjoyed the BBQ as much as you did. Can't wait to hear more. See you in 2009.

krazykellster said...

Hey mr m it looks as though you are thouroughly enjoying your gluttonous eating. But i have a teeny favor to ask.. that you check your email and answer the questions i prompted about while we were still in school. Unfortunately i am a procrastinator and just now sent them. sorry and thanks in advance. Enjoy the bbq!!