Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cochon, Part One

Cochon, the Cajun term for hog, is also the name of one of the best new restaurants in New Orleans. Reservation for 7:30pm, Saturday night. I started with the boucherie plate. This appetizer is a sampler platter of charcuterrie, a style of curing each and every part of the pig for eventual consumption.

Clockwise, from the bottom right corner: Hog's headcheese (a gelatinous slice of what is strained and cooled after boiling a whole hog head); two slices of country bologna; four slices of a thin salami; one slice of tasso ham (a Cajun tradition); pork rillettes in the small ramekin; five croutons; and several sweet dill pickles. Everything was awesome, especially paired with Abita Restoration Ale.

The paneed pork cheeks with goat cheese arugula & beet rösti. Translation: small chunks of pork cheek meat served over a shredded beet 'latke.' Perhaps the highlight of the meal, but the competition was fierce, as every dish was cone extremely well.

Above is a root beer parfait with malt & chocolat cream, paired with a shot of 'Catdaddy' moonshine. This unusual liquer tasted like sambuca made with corn.

Cochon is a destination to recommend and return to. Wow!

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